Mary Elizabeth Fricke

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Birds in Peril Series
#1 Pigeon in a Snare #2 Roses for the Sparrow  #3 Plight of the Wren  #4 Robin Unaware

Birds In Peril Series Description: 

Five women met, fell in love with and married men who aided the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of Sheldon Humsler. Even though the events that disrupted their lives, did not necessarily involve Humsler, they certainly invoked the conviction that one day Humsler would find a way to enact his revenge. All of these women and the men they married are in some way closely connected to Humsler’s arch enemies, Benton Cromwell, T.J. Harvester and Thad Hunt. Because of Humsler, Benton Cromwell’s life and livelihood have become so precarious he now lives as an invalid on borrowed time. However, his friends, T.J. Harvester and Thad Hunt continue to grow in family and in deed. Both are well loved by many. The time is near when a final confrontation with Humsler must occur. Humsler has an accomplice…someone closely connected to Hunt….but who could that possibly be?


 Words and Stitches from 

            Author, Crafter, Seamstress          

Mary Elizabeth Fricke

   What can you do?”  I have been asked many times throughout my life.  Sometimes the question is spoken sarcastically; sometimes it is spoken with genuine curiosity and/or concern.  It has often prompted me to ask myself—‘What can I do?  Who am I?’ and a number of other questions drifting along that avenue labeled ‘self-doubt’. 

I have been using the signature ‘mef Originals’ for many years—on craft items that I paint and sew to give away as gifts, on my personal stationary and hand-made greeting cards, sometimes even autographing my published autobiography.  Most of the time the signature has not drawn all that much attention.  Everyone knows M.E.F. are my initials.  ‘Originals’ has prompted a few dubious questions.

As I have grown older and wiser, I realize I have accomplished quite a number of things throughout my life.  Today, rather than to take offense when asked what I can do, have done, will do--why was my autobiography published when I was so young(?), I am compelled to simply reply, “Words and Stitches.”   After all they are the origin of this farmer's wife's chronicles--one word, one stitch at a time.